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Secure Colocation

The Bunker broke ground on the second data center for the Campus on April 14, 2014. These two companies are confident that their partnership will not only help raise the standards for new data centers but will also give relief to overcrowding issues felt in the Houston Market. Located in Montgomery, TX, the new data center measures 105,000 sq ft with 12 MW of power. This addition triples the footprint of the campus bringing to a total of 143,000 sq ft of data center space.

The Bunker is introducing their ClearColo concept, moving all supporting equipment outside of the server rooms into service halls. With this approach it allows the installation and maintenance to be performed securely, with minimal impact in the server rooms. That means for customers, more flexibility and 100% usable square footage.

With designing and engineering the facility, The Bunker will be assured that LEED certification standards are met. These standards equate to optimal energy savings, which results in considerable reduction of operating expenses for our customers.

Secure Server Room

The general colocation server room is the perfect option for small and medium businesses, offsite replication, or secondary operations. Secured with biometric access control, the server room is located 50 feet below the surface on the lower floor of the Bunker.


  • Standard 42U height.
  • Private combination lock.
  • Circuit-based power pricing.
  • Adjustable for 19-inch and 23-inch widths.
  • Solid doors available for added privacy.
  • Shared half-cabinet option.


  • Sized from 240 square feet and up.
  • Added security of floor-to-ceiling wire mesh.
  • Individually secured doors.
  • Customer or facility-supplied cabinets.
  • Flexible power pricing options.

ClearColo Private Suites

Responding to customer demand, The Bunker is introducing their ClearColo concept for new private suites. With ClearColo, all of the supporting equipment is installed and maintained outside the suite, providing the customer with 100% useable square footage.


  • PDU’s and CRAC’s are outside the space.
  • Ultimate in security and flexibility.
  • Sized from 2,500 to 10,000 square feet.
  • Custom built to customer specifications.
  • Individual fire suppression.
  • Flexible power pricing options.

HPC and Specialty

  • Support for High Density Power.
  • High floor load capacity.
  • In-row and in-rack cooling options.
  • Direct chilled water coupling available.

The location and the design of this new data center was chosen and built with scalability in mind. Part of the design of the new data center is derived from the past. Originally built as a nuclear bomb shelter, the current bunker is fully underground. The unique design of The Bunker provides many advantages like geothermal cooling and added protection. The original bunker concept was preserved with the design of the new data center. Half of the new data center will rest on the horizon, the other half is unseen and underground.  Built into the side of the surrounding terrain, the expansion of The Bunker campus has more to offer than meets the eye. The new data center was designed to expand on the successes of the past while accommodating growth for the future.  An existing access tunnel will connect the two data centers to ensure efficient access for customers that extend their businesses to both sites.

Its location in Montgomery, outside of the downtown Houston area, provides more than just the freedom from traffic, but it also allows The Bunker to address any landlocked issues that constrain other data centers and their customers.

The Bunker view this as their perfect opportunity to showcase their strengths and deliver their customers with the real-estate, security, and innovation that is needed to sustain all data center needs for years to come.

Secure Colocation Customers