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The Bunker has perhaps the most interesting history of any data center ever built. Originally constructed in 1982 by Louis Kung (Nephew of Madam Chang Kai Shek), the mysterious complex was supposedly intended as the headquarters for his company, Westland Oil. The construction was shrouded in secrecy and protected by armed guards, and most local residents were unaware that he also built a 40,000 square foot nuclear bomb shelter next to the office building. Now known locally as simply “The Bunker”, it was designed to house Mr. Kung’s family, employees, and their families in the event of a nuclear attack or a complete breakdown of civilization.

The bunker was designed to protect 350 adults for up to three months, and was a totally self-contained structure with it’s own diesel generators, multi-chamber chemical/biological/radiation (CBR) air filtration system, two water wells, decontamination showers, jail cells, and a full surgical suite. The entrance tunnel blockhouses (disguised as pagodas) concealed numerous gun ports and had rooftop-mounted machine gun nests. The adjacent office building includes many of the same massive reinforced concrete construction techniques as the bunker, with five-layer bullet-resistant glass, its own generators, water wells, and numerous security features.

The future of this high-tech facility traces its legacy to an amazing past.

Today the 40,000 square foot nuclear bomb shelter is a state-of-the-art data center that provides colocation of critical IT operations, while the 100,000 square foot, four story office building serves as a business continuity and disaster recovery center. We are confident that we have the ability to meet or exceed any requirements for colocation, business continuity, or managed services.

The last 8 years have seen a strong commitment to growth, starting with fiber networks, generators, chillers, enhanced security and additional 108,000 square foot state of the art data center, making the The Bunker campus one of the premier technology centers in the nation. We are extremely proud of our zero-downtime performance during hurricane Ike. That trial-by-fire has allowed us to attract many additional Fortune 500 companies and government agencies that demand exceptional results and quality service. The Bunker is a financially sound private company, structured as a limited partnership and directed by a forward thinking team of highly skilled professionals with a passion for this business and a commitment for excellence.

We have built upon a fascinating history to create one of the most unique and secure environments to be found anywhere.